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CodeSandbox Projects: a cloud development platform with the average speed and experience of CodeSandbox, but deeply integrated with your favorite tooling and working on projects of any size. We’ve been using it at CodeSandbox ourselves to build CodeSandbox, and have been loving it! At the time of writing, twenty-four million sandboxes have been created on CodeSandbox.

Rebranding of CodeSandbox

A redesign of the brand that better fits the companies vision and ambition (With Zeh Fernandes & Marco Vincit)

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CodeSandbox Projects

From user feedback, we learned that most people use CodeSandbox because of its fast workflow; when you have an idea, you can click a button and be ready to go in seconds. If you want to collaborate, share the link. This doesn’t only make you faster; it makes development as a whole more accessible. But because of the way CodeSandbox was built, CodeSandbox could not support projects bigger than 500 files. As more people wanted to use CodeSandbox for more significant Projects. We needed to come up with a solution. A year ago, we went to the drawing board asking this question: how can we deliver the same experience of CodeSandbox, but for any project of any size, integrated into any existing workflow?

Production BTS 2 Production BTS 2 Production BTS 2